(Correct Answer) MPH509 Module 4: Group Policy Activity: Part 1 – Policy Objective



Specific instructions for Part 1: There are two tasks in this part.

  • Task 1 Group Activity — (required, not graded)
  • Task 2 Individual Policy Activity (graded)

Task 1: Group Activity

This should take your group about 30 minutes. Please go to the Group Area to discuss your policy activity with your fellow group members. The Group Policy Activity is due at the end of Module 4. Each student should bring at least one issue area to discuss with the group. As a group, review the issues and decide on one issue to address for this project.

Choose an issue area you would like to address. The issue should be drawn from current debates or controversies that affect public health (e.g., gun violence, reproductive health, substance abuse treatment versus incarceration, labor issues such as poor working conditions for nail salon workers). Think about the current headlines related to public health. What jumps out at you as an issue?

As a group, discuss what the problems are in your issue area.

From this list, choose one problem to address. What is the magnitude or reach of the problem (e.g., how many people are affected adversely)?

As a group, discuss possible solutions to the problem and then decide on a policy objective. The objective is framed as the solution to your problem. What is the political viability of this objective, and what might be some unintended consequences from this policy objective?

Task 2: Individual Policy Activity (graded)

As individuals, please describe the policy objective, magnitude or reach of the problem, possible solutions, political viability, and unintended consequences of the policy objective. This should be your interpretation and understanding of what your group discussed and the policy it chose.

Post questions about this activity to the Q & A Forum.

Please submit your Individual Policy Activity paper by Sunday, 11:59 pm (MT), during Week 4.

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