(Correct Answer) MPH506 Module 2: Discussion



You will participate in one discussion this week. There are two different topics presented below, in bolded text. Please choose one of these topics for your discussion this week, address the bullet items under the topic name.

  • Environmental Policy
    • Evaluate what is meant by the term environmental policy.
    • In addition, research two examples of specific environmental policies that have been developed in the United States within the past 40 years that have a direct and/or indirect impact on population health.
    • How are these policies being monitored and/or implemented throughout the country at both the governmental and local levels?
  • Vulnerable Populations
    • Establish why children are more vulnerable to environmental toxins than adults.
    • Identify any other vulnerable populations at the local, national, and international levels.
    • From public and environmental health perspectives, what types of policies are needed to protect vulnerable populations from environmental hazards?

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