(Correct Answer) HIST310 Discussion : Board 1 – Preindustrial Cities



In this module we will be addressing the topic of Preindustrial European Cities.  By the end of this module you should know the following:

  •  Describe the characteristics of a major European city prior to the Industrial Revolution.
  •  Draw a conclusion from historical primary sources.

Discussion Question

Explore the Georgian Britain website and the various primary sources linked to the site. Based on your readings, what do you think was the most important or defining characteristic of urban life in 18th-century Britain?  Why? Support your opinion with evidence from at least one primary source from the website. Include a link to the source in your post and explain how/why this source supports your conclusion. Post a question to at least one of your classmate’s posts and respond to a question posed to you following the schedule in the Tasks chart.

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