(Correct Answer) NR451 Week 4 Discussion: Advocacy and Cultural Competence



Discussion Questions

Go to the link (Links to an external site.).

View the National Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services Standards (CLAS) categories aimed at equity and quality care (HHS, n.d.). Notice how these standards overlap with many of the expectations and standards in professional nursing practice!

  • In what ways are you and your peers using these standards in your areas of nursing practice?
  • Discuss one nursing action you might incorporate to improve cultural competence in your organization.


Hello Professor and class

Our organization protocol for protecting patients’ privacy is in consistent with the principal standard theme of the National CLAS Standards (HHS, n.d.). The protocol states that patient’s information cannot be accessed by third parties without their approvals, and in case of patients below 12 years only the patients’ parents can do so. Consequently I and my peers try the best of our abilities to keep parents information private. This is vital since disclosing this information can cause harm such as loss of discrimination and loss of dignity (American Nurses Association, 2015).  Additionally, as per the Governance, Leadership, and Workforce theme…

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