(Correct Answer) NR451 Week 2 Discussion: Communication and Influence-the Power of Evidence



Discussion Questions

Effective communication is a staple of our healthcare culture.  Working with patients, peers, and interprofessional teams requires that nurses manage information and evidence toward influencing safe and positive patient outcomes.

Please address the following:

  • Describe caring attributes of the culture where you currently practice.
  • Which attributes stand out as having significant influence on patients, nurses, and other healthcare professionals?
  • How do you see effective communication relating to patient outcomes in this setting?
  • What is the evidence for this?


Hello professor and Classmates

Caring attributes often encountered in nursing includes honesty, connecting with patients, entering their worlds, and being resilient to possible uncertainties in each patient’s state of health (Stroehlein, 2016). Moreover, caring attributes also stand for the simple approaches that we use to take care of patients and approach the family members and visitors. At my facility where I work and as a team-member our main focus is the patient, making sure they are informed throughout their entire stay. In order to improve care, we need to improve many things and staff had to demonstrate a number of qualities including; accountability, service commitment, teamwork, respect and Attitude.

I currently work in a nursing home and a lot of our culture is based off teamwork, effective communication, transparency as well as …..

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