HOSP704: Strategic Perspectives in Hospitality and Tourism Organizations

HOSP704: Strategic Perspectives in Hospitality and Tourism Organizations

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Assessment Two:          Report: 

Due date and time:                        Week 8

Assessment value:              40%

Submission instructions:  This report is to be done individually.

Save your file as a ‘Microsoft word’ document.

The file name must use the following format: Your student ID number followed by your surname then assessment Format (e.g., ID 0123456 Smith report.doc)

Turnitin instructions:        Submit a full copy of this assignment (including, ID numbers, title page & references) to Turnitin through the link on AUTonline.

Assignment brief:               Report 4000-5000 words

This case study is to be completed individually

Title of report:                     Assessment two (Case study): Outback Steakhouse

Specifically you are to:

In your report cover the following areas, the details of which will be discussed in class.

  1. Vision, Mission and Culture of the organisation
    • Identify the key components of their mission and provide an analysis of the identified principles and beliefs in relation to the organisations vision.
  1. Strategy identification and discussion:
    • Identify the corporate level strategy and discuss the benefits of this strategy.
    • Identify which generic business level strategy it is pursuing and discuss the key elements of this strategy. Use examples from the case study to support your argument.
  2. Industry Analysis:
    • Using ‘Porters Five Forces’ model analyse and discuss the competitive factors influencing the organisation in relation to
      1. Discuss the influences within each force to justify and determine the balance of power for each force.
      2. Evaluate the overall competitiveness of the industry.
    • Construct a strategic-group map of the competition in Auckland where the Outback Steakhouse might compete. Explain how they could position itself within this market.
  3. Analysis of organisational competencies:
    • Identify and discuss the core/distinctive competencies (key success factors) that the management has tried to build.
    • Discuss how the organization is building value into its product and service offering
  1. Conclusion
    • Provide a brief summary of the presented information to explain how the organisation has been successful.
    • What are the advantages and disadvantages of their business strategy?
    • What recommendations would you make to the CEO of the organisation to ensure it is successful in the future?

Ensure that a full search has been undertaken of the topic and that all conventions of academic report writing are adhered to. Include in your report a title page, contents page, introduction to the report, body of report covering the outlined requirements, conclusion and recommendations, reference list and appendix of any other relevant information. View the attached marking schedule for details of mark allocation for each section of the report.


Assessment two (case study) – THE OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE


The outback steakhouse is a network of Australian oriented American restaurants located in over 23 countries in America and some parts of Africa that serves American cuisines among other services. It was founded in 1988 in Florida, United States by a group of four colleagues that had passion in sharing, hospitality, quality and being confident while enjoying life. The company experienced a downfall in 2005, where it faced rivalry from other competitive hospitality industry but strived through majoring on its recipes that saw it grow rapidly due to strategic management process.

Strategic management is the process of coming up and laying a company’s chief goals and objectives undertaken by the company’s highest managerial position in place of the business stake holders in terms of resources and analysis of the micro and macro environments within which the business exercises its rivalry competition. Strategic management process involves a series of comprehensive stages designed in a chronologic process to ensure scrutiny of work in the entire process, thereby avoiding omission of any step on the way. There are three major perspectives, in which strategic management is viewed; starting with the tradition view, resource-based view, and the stake holders perspectives. The three come up with a rough ideology through which resources, skills, and abilities are employed together with other factors like market collaboration to establish a well formulated and implementation of business management in the most commensurate manner.

This paper seeks to discuss a case study on the outback steakhouse in detail as an example of a hospitality company in terms of its mission and visions as well as the culture of the organization. Again, the paper also provides an analysis of the principles and beliefs identified in the business in relation to the organization’s objectives. Moreover, the paper covers the strategy identification and discussion in terms of level of strategy and benefits attached to these levels of strategy. In a like manner, this case study aims at identifying the generic level of strategy and its main strategies with evidence drawn from the study provided.

Notably, the paper also covers the industry and organizational competencies sing the five porters models to identify and outline the competitive factors influencing the organization in relation to Auckland. Lastly, the case study focuses on putting down the key success factors that the management has tried to build and how the organization is building value into its product and service delivery.

Lastly, the paper provides a brief summary on how the organization has been successful, listing the advantages and disadvantages of their business planning and the recommendations one would make to the CEO of the organization to ensure future business success.

Vision, mission and culture of the organization

Having been started in 1988 by the four friends, outback steakhouse was set to provide its unique recipes in order to win the market power in the hospitality industry that is constantly faced with very stiff competition from other market forces. The main missions of the American cuisine was to provide high quality, freshly prepared dishes that tabled to customers in considerable amounts and at affordable prices served with an Australian authentic of ‘no worry’ dining experience.  The company is committed to providing the best steak experience with high set standards that they ought to follow to the latter. Their steak is prepared in the most convenient and health- friendly environment with the aim of retaining high sanitation for their consumers interests and health. The chefs are highly skilled in preparing grilled steak that is always on high demand as one of their majors, to ensure provision of nicely grilled steak every time for customer retention and referrals.

Targeting of high quality dishes is one of their market strategies of winning their customer s’ trust over other competitive cuisines like the McDonald restaurants among other competing hospitality organizations. The outback’s vision is to maintain a no rule serving style where customers get to place orders according to their tastes and specialties on what they want served along with the main dish.

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