CORP3543: Contemporary Business Issues


The students are expected to select any company from the real world and critically evaluate the impact of global economic and political challenges on the business activity of the chosen entity. This can be any company from any industry sector and of any size: small, medium or multinational enterprise. It can be a local business or an international organisation. It can even be the business of your parents, brother/sister, friend, and your own existing enterprise. In this task, it is very crucial for the student to demonstrate the ability to apply theoretical knowledge to a chosen case of a specific company. This is a problem-based learning task, which is a student-centred approach where the student learns about a subject by solving an open-ended problem. Hence, apart from discussing the practical aspect of the business case and proposing the solutions, students are expected to provide the academic debate on the chosen topic and apply the relevant theories accordingly. The theme of the problem, as well as the theoretical discussion, must fit one of the lecture topics listed above in ‘Lecture Schedule’.

The use of charts, figures and tables is compulsory in the video presentation. It is a highly effective means of summarising research / representing a concept. All tables and figures must have a title and a reference to the original sources if they are not constructed by the student.

The structure of the presentation

There is no limit in terms of the number of slides you are expected to provide. However, taking into account that it must be a 10-minute video-presentation; hence, you are expected to demonstrate approximately ten slides in your presentation, excluding the title, ‘thank you’, and bibliography slides.

NOTE: The topic chosen for the above task is; The Impact of Brexit on UK Aviation Sector: The Case of British Airways Plc

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